MS EM Online Coordinator
  Dr. Chris Wagner
MS EM Online Assistant
Department Chair
  Dr. Robert Van Til
Department Secretary
248-370-2989 (office)
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Welcome to the website for
the Online Masters of Science degree in Engineering Management
offered by the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Oakland University.

Education is moving online. Around the world, access to college level information is becoming as simple as a click of a mouse. And here, in the ISE department at Oakland University, we know that access is NOT enough.

As Industrial and Systems Engineers, we develop complex, human centered systems. Education is such a system. And you, the current or future student of the department, know that you need many things besides access. You need:

  1. A coherent program that will provide deep education in all areas of engineering management.
  2. Easy access to faculty, for understanding, for encouragement, and for evaluation.
  3. A convenient schedule so that you can listen to lectures live OR watch a recording of the lecture at a later time.
  4. A consistent format across all classes
  5. A pathway to continued higher education including doctoral levels

Our Master of Science degree in Engineering Management provides all of this to you. Enjoy it.